Filling valves

KESTERMANN filling valves are special valves designed for all uses, even in difficult industrial conditions. They stand out due to

  • Compact design ideal for industrial use
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple maintenance.

The filling valves are used to fill fluids of varying viscosities in a way which is precise, safe, economical and free of drops.



Filling is provided at two levels: coarse and fine. The design is based on a hemisphere which offers little resistance to product flow. The inside walls guiding the product have a smooth surface and can be easily seen from the outside. The valve neck features a centring groove used to easily position the valve in the valve mount. The valve tappet connects to the valve cylinder. It does not come into contact with the product. A pressure spring securely fastens the valve if there is a power or air pressure failure. The valve sphere opens outwards in the standard design.

  • Valve inlet with dairy pipe thread
  • Flange ND6, DIN 2641.
  • Valve made of steel.
  • Valve seal: Tappet with 2 elastomer Teflon seals and valve outlet with special Teflon seal.
  • Pneumatic valve drive.
  • Folding clamp for rapid valve replacement and fitting bracket
  • Including solenoid valve.